We believe every child is unique and
they learn in different ways and at
different rates, and all areas of learning
and development are equally important
and inter-connected.

Our aim is to…

  • Create a safe enabling environment for all children to play and explore.

  • Motivate children to have their own ideas and  be excited about learning.

  • Ensure every child’s needs are met by developing positive and secure relationships so children learn to be strong and independent from
    a base of loving and secure relationships with parents and key carers.

  • Work in Partnership with Parents sharing knowledge together, to support children’s development both at Pre-school and at home.

Our setting..

Situated in the Sarisbury Parish Rooms our facilities include:

  • Two large halls which offer lots of space for a range of different activities.  

  • Two outside play areas.

  • A kitchen area where we can learn to cook.

  • A Quiet Room where we can practice our talking and listening skills.

Easy access to the ‘Green’ where we enjoy visits to the Park, interest walks, games and running races.


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